About Pomegranate Fruits

About Pomegranate Fruits

Pomegranate Fruits have scientific name Punica granate L. The Pomegranate Fruits plant is thought to have originated from Iran but has long since been bred in the Mediterranean region. This plant is a shrub or small tree with a height of 2-5 m. Woody stems, twigs, branches a lot, weak, spiked on leaf armpits, brown when young, and dirty green after old age. Single-type, short-stemmed, and grouped leaves.

Plant of Pomegranate Fruits

Plant of Pomegranate Fruits

Anatomy Of Pomegranate Fruits Plant

Leaves are oval to lanceolate, pointed base, blunt end, flat edge, pinnate pinnacle, glossy surface, length 1-9 cm with a width of 0.5-2.5 cm, and is green. Flower single type, short stalk, out at the tip of the branch or the top of the leaf. Usually, there are one to five flowers, red, white, or purple. Pomegranate fruit including buni, round shape with a diameter of 5-12 cm, the color of the skin is varied, ranging from green purple, white to reddish brown or purple-black. In the fruit sometimes there are rather prominent patches of older color. Many seeds, small, elliptical, slightly flat, hard, uniformly arranged, red, pink, or white.

Flower of Pomegranate Fruit

Flower of Pomegranate Fruit

Ecology Of Pomegranate Fruits Plant

Plants can grow well in various types of soil in the lowlands to an altitude of 1,600 m asl. In cool and cold climates can produce pomegranate fruits with good quality. Dry conditions require good irrigation to keep the yields high

The benefit from Pomegranate Fruits Plant

Efficacy of pomegranates, among others, is to prevent the various diseases, including stomach disorders, heart disease, cancer, teeth, rheumatism, lack of blood, and diabetes. Pomegranate contains flavonoids, powerful antioxidants to prevent free radicals in the body, as well as repair damaged body cells, and can provide protection against heart disease, skin cancer, and prostate cancer, preventing clogging of arteries by cholesterol.

Fruit of Pomegranate

Fruit of Pomegranate

Cultivation of Pomegranate Fruits Plant

Pomegranate cultivation is usually done with seeds from seeds. But can also use grafting or grafting techniques. Some common pomegranate variants include white pomegranate, red pomegranate, black pomegranate and pomegranate seeds.


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