Know About Wuluh Starfruit Averrhoa bilimbi L.

About Wuluh Starfruit Averrhoa bilimbi

The Wuluh Starfruit plant is originate from the Maluku Islands and develops in Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Malaysia. Plant height can reach 5-10 m. The short main stem and branches low. The trunk is uneven. Wuluh Starfruit ideally planted in areas with uneven rainfall throughout the year, at least there should be 2 – 3 months dry season. Slow growth in shady or semi-shady conditions, therefore must be in full sun.

Plant of Wuluh Starfruit

Plant of Wuluh Starfruit

Characterisctic of Wuluh Starfruit Averrhoa bilimbi

Leafy wuluh leaf compound, alternating, 30-60 cm long and clustered at the end of the branch. In each leaf, there are 11-37 leaflets alternately or half-pairs. Child leaves are oval. The flowers are small, growing directly from the stalk with a hairy stalk. The flower crown is five, white, yellow or purple.

Flower of Wuluh Starfruit

Flower of Wuluh Starfruit

Wuluh Starfruit Wuluh fruit is buni, oval-shaped rectangular, length 4.0-6,5 cm, yellowish green when watery cook with plenty of sour taste. The skin of the fruit is shiny and thin. Starfruit can be used as cough medicine, sprue, stomachache, mumps, rheumatism, whooping cough, bleeding gums, sprue, cavities, acne, skin fungus, high blood pressure, paralysis, and improve digestive and rectal inflammatory function.

Fruit of  Wuluh Starfruit

Fruit of Wuluh Starfruit

Wuluh Starfruit is widely used as one of the ingredients of traditional cuisine in Indonesia, among others to make cuisine Garang Asem, Gecok Ganem, vegetables Asem, and much more.

Propagation of Wuluh Starfruits plant is generative using seeds that are in the fruit. And by vegetative can also be transplanted from plants that have grown. In addition to grafting, there are also seeds from the results of grafting. Seeds derived from the seeds that are attached or taped dg entrees from an adult plant. So the productivity faster.


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