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Know About Ambarella Fruit (Kedondong)

About Ambarella Fruit

Ambarella Fruit have a scientific name Spondias dulcis Forst; S. cytherea Sonn. If you want to know more about this Ambarella Fruit Plant, you can learn it in this page. Ambarella Fruit comes from South Asia and Southeast Asia. This plant has spread throughout the tropics. This plant has a woody stem, hard and strong, grows upright, branching stems sympodial, smooth greenish stem surface.

Ecology of  Ambarella Fruit

Ambarella Fruit Plant requires many lights, rainfall of 1,000-1,500 mm/year, temperatures around 30 ° C and air humidity of about 14%. The leaf-type compound, the widest part in the middle of the strands, shaped jorong, the base of pointed leaves and pointed tip, green, 5-8 cm long leaf and 3-6 cm wide, including pinnate-bred leaves and child leave in pairs, leaf layout spreads, leaf surface smooth and shiny. Plants of a flowering compound, shaped panicles where the mother stem forked monopodial, 24-40 cm long, long petals ± 5 cm, the number of stamens eight, yellow, the crown of flowers amounted to 4-5, shaped lanceolate and yellowish white flowers.

The Fruit of Ambarella Fruit (Kedondong)

Fruit type buni, oval-shaped, true fruits single type fleshy, ± 5 cm diameter and fibrous, green fruit. Yellowish with a weight of ± 0.7-1 kg/fruit, usually in large quantities. The fruit has a single, filamentous seed. The fruit of Kedondong Ambarella Fruitcan be eaten in fresh condition, can also be processed into jam, jelly, and juice. Fruit flesh is a source of vitamin C and iron, a fruit immature contains about 10% pectin. Leaves, bark, and root skin Spondias Dulcis also contain saponins, flavonoids, and tannins. The fruit, leaves, and bark of the stem can also be used for the treatment of ulcers, skin irritation, and burns.

Propagation of Ambarella Fruit (Kedondong)

Propagation of this plant generatively using the seeds in the fruit. . For the scale of production and plantation, the seeds used are seeds from grafting or grafting.


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