Kepel or Burahol Fruit, Stelechocarpus burahol

The privileges of Kepel or Burahol Fruit Plant

The scientific name of Kepel or Burahol Fruit Plant are Stelechocarpus burahol. Kepel or Burahol Fruit is a table fruit plant that is a specific flora from Special Region of Yogyakarta Indonesia. Javanese court princess loves Burahol fruit because it can make sweat and urine does not smell sharp.

Ecology of Kepel or Burahol Fruit Plant

The tree is erect, the leaves do not fall out simultaneously, and plant height reaches 25 m. The header is regularly dome-shaped tapered up with a flat or somewhat flat landscape. Main trunk diameter reaches 40cm, brown-grey old to black, which is typically covered by many large bumps. Leaves are oval-jorong until round-egg / lancet, measuring 12-27 cm × 5-9 cm, dark green, not hairy, and 1.5 cm long petiole.

Flower of Kepel or Burahol Fruit Plant

Single-flowered flowers, initially green, then turned whitish, appearing on the bulges in the stem. The male flower is located on the upper trunk and on the older branches, gathered 8-16 buds with a diameter of 1 cm. Female flowers are only found at the base of the stem with a diameter of 3 cm.

Type Fruit of Kepel or Burahol Fruit Plant

Type fruit Burahol fruit like buni. The long of fruit stalk 8 cm. Ripe fruit is almost round wit  brown color. The diameter of fruit 5-6 cm. Shaped seeds pushing, totaling 4-6 grains and about 3 cm long. Fresh fruit weight ranged from 62-105 g, edible part 49% and seed volume 27% of fresh fruit weight. Kepel grows wild on moist and deep soils, in the secondary forests of Java. Plants grow at an altitude of up to 600 m above sea level.

The required rainfall is 2,500-3,000 mm per year with 5-6 month dry and temperature 22-32oC.

The cultivation of this plant, so far still using seedlings from seeds. And this plant is relatively slow growth. From start to grow from seed to plant ready flowering and fruiting takes up to more than 10 years, this plant leaves also most used as herbal to overcome complaints about gout pain.


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