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Longan Fruits, Dimocarpus longan Lour

Ecology and anatomy of Longan Fruits, Dimocarpus longan Lour,

Longan Fruits comes from mainland Southeast Asia, plant height can reach 40 m and stem diameter 1m. For those of you who want to know about Longan Fruits plant, please read more here. Longan is suitable to be planted in altitude 200-600 m asl. With wet climate type, and dry season, not more than 4 months, rainfall 1,500-3.000 mm per year with 9-12 month wet and 2-4 dry months. Plants are leafy longan with 2-4 (-6) pairs child leaves. The length of the petiole 1-20 cm, the stalk of the child leaves 0.5-3.5 cm. The children of round leaves elongate, with a length of 1-5 times its width, vary between 3-45 × 1,5-20 cm. Flowers generally are located at the end of the plant with a length of 4-80 cm. Crown of flowers amounted to five strands with a length of 6 mm.

Fruit of Longan Fruits

Fruit is round, yellowish brown, almost bare, slippery, grainy, coarse grain, depending on the type. Thin fruit flesh is white and slightly clear. The seeds wrapper are blackish brown, shiny.

Fruit flesh contains sucrose, glucose, protein, and fat, vitamin A and B, tartaric acid and other phytochemicals. The combination of phytochemical compounds useful to relax the nerves that provide a sedative effect and efficacious overcome anxiety, insomnia, nourish and relieve heart pounding hard. It is recommended to be consumed by people who are in stamina. It can help recovery after the illness.  Can help to improve red blood production, increase appetite and increase energy.

Benefit of Longan Fruits Plant

The root of longan tree is efficacious as smoothly urine and blood circulation. Longan leaves are efficacious as anti-inflammatory and fever dampers. Its seed is useful for relieving pain and stop bleeding. Seeds contain saponin compounds. It can produce a lot of foam. And it can used as a shampoo maker shampoo.

Propagation of Longan Fruits Plant

Propagation of this plant generatively using the seeds in the fruit. For the scale of production and plantation, the seeds used are seeds from grafting or grafting. Sticking buds from adult plants on Seeds derived from seeds.


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