Fight against from the red palm weevil

About Fight against red palm weevil

The red palm weevil or Rhynchophorus ferrugineus is a pest of palm crops, the species Phoenix canariensis in particular. This weevil causes considerable internal damage and heavily infested trees can lose all their fins before dying later due to rotting of their trunk.

Sanitation of affected palms from red palm weevil

Previously, it was recommended the destruction of all palms infested with red weevil to systematically curb this formidable pest. But this method has proved very discouraging for individuals and municipalities, key players in the pursuit of early detection of pest attacks.

Now, rather than destroy the affected palms, it is advisable to clean them up. Palm mechanical sanitation operations are a good alternative for remobilization of palm owners who can save their heritage. In practice, it will be a matter of mechanically eliminating the flippers affected at the very beginning of the attack. Once they are removed, the pest will also be destroyed in all its forms without the stipe or terminal bud of the palm tree being affected. The plant will then need a few months to recover.

Auxiliaries to counter the red palm weevil

To stop the proliferation of the red weevil, it is now possible to introduce living organisms on the feet of infested palms. For example, the nematode, a microscopic worm, attacks the larvae of the red weevil and causes 100% death by sepsis. Still for this form of control, the pathogenic fungus Beauveria Bassiana. It which is also active against larvae of the red weevil, can be integrated into palm tree crops. A biological product has even been developed from the spores of this fungus.


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