The Agribusiness Sector: Agriculture, Agrifood

Agribusiness Sector: Agriculture, Agrifood

General info on the sector of Agribusiness. Agriculture and agrifood have a historical and essential place in the French economy. France is, in fact, the leading European agricultural producer and the fourth largest exporter of agricultural and agri-food products worldwide. It owes this competitiveness to the large share of agricultural land in France (53% of the metropolitan territory). As well as to the dynamism of the food industry. Represented by nearly 12,000 companies, and in particular on a world scale by a few French giants.

Agribusiness is today the leading French industrial sector in terms of turnover.  Of which 90% is achieved by 3,000 production units with at least 20 employees. The strength of the agricultural sector  of Agribusiness is also linked to the diversity of its production in France (cereals, wine, milk, meat, dairy products, vegetables). Which results in a variety of actors and sectors. With nearly 1,800,000 people working in the agricultural economy. The sector holds a strong position in the labor market, and employment prospects are quite favorable. Particularly in the agri-food sector. Where recruitment needs are high. Because of a large turn-over, are regular. Agribusiness Agriculture is also hiring, with a strong need for wage earners and farm workers on farms. Jobs, on the other hand, are weakened by changes in the sector and increasingly stringent standards, and farmers’ situations are sometimes precarious.

Agribusiness, Agriculture, agri-food: qualities required

The trades related to the Agribusiness, agriculture and agri – food sectors are extremely diverse and offer a wide variety of positions and specializations: exploitation, production, marketing, engineering, marketing. From the CAP to the engineering diploma through the BTS. The courses to move towards these trades are logically multiple. Those who choose to move to farmland and livestock will often have to cope with significant workloads and sustained rhythms. The working days are long and the holidays are short enough.

Agribusiness, Agricultural occupations also require an increasingly specialized technical background. And an ability to adapt in line with changes in the sector and all data (financial, logistical, computer, meteorological) for optimize the result of its operation.

Regarding professionals in the food industry, they must all observe scrupulous respect for standards and very strict certifications. Whether at the level of production, processing or traceability. In Agribusiness Quality control, ethics, ethics and transparency are essential values for working in agribusiness, regardless of the position in the production chain.


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