Agriculture of Fruit Vegetables The melon

Agriculture of Fruit Vegetables The melon

Agriculture of Fruit Vegetables The melon. A herb and vegetable plant from intertropical Africa, the melon, tasty and fragrant, belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family. The name refers to both the plant and the fruit that comes from it. This is actually a false fruit, sometimes confused with watermelon or watermelon, although it is estimated that this fruit is actually a kind of melon.

Agriculture of Fruit Vegetables The melon: variety

The varieties of melon are very numerous. There were more than 650 in 2011. You should know that some are aromatic and have a short shelf life. It is said then that they are climacteric. Others are not aromatic enough and keep for a long time. Among the most common, we can talk about the embroidered melon that is recognized by its round shape, thick skin and orange flesh.

The Cantaloupe melon is also widespread and, like the embroidered melon, has an orange flesh and a round shape. However, he has very dark skin stitches and can weigh more than 1 kg. We can not speak about the most famous melon varieties without not mentioning the melon Honezdew, or honeydew melon, whose weight can reach 2 kg. Its skin is white and gray and its sweet flesh is mainly greenish in appearance. Galia melon, Spanish melon, Sucrin melon or Piel de Sapo melon are all very popular varieties of melons.

Agriculture of Fruit Vegetables The melon: Consumption

When the melon is ripe, it can be eaten raw for dessert or as a starter. The fruit can also be cooked for making jams or compotes. There are also elaborations of melon in a resealable bag in which one finds dried pieces of the fruit. The melon confit enters the composition of the famous calissons of Aix

Agriculture of Fruit Vegetables The melon: retention

The melon can be stored properly in a cool cupboard or cellar. These places are better than the refrigerator, although it is possible to put the fruit wrapped in a plastic film. The flesh of the melon can also be cut into small balls or dice for storage for months by the technique of freezing . In this case, the fruit should be placed in an airtight bag or box.

The melon

The melon


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