Agribusiness Series: The Alternaria of Tomato

Agribusiness Series: The Alternaria of Tomato

Cryptogamic disease also affecting other plants, alternaria is very common on tomato. One must be wary of this because if it is possible to save a crop after a late attack, it is not the case when the attack is early. Agribusiness Series

Agribusiness Series: Agent responsible for alternaria tomato and its transmission

Alternaria solani, a phytopathogenic fungus belonging to the family Pleosporaceae. It is at the base of the occurrence of the alternaria of tomato. It has the ability to keep in the soil and on its surface thanks to its winter spores that give it a very good resistance. The parasite can survive for more than a year. It begins to contaminate plants at the slightest light rain falling in temperatures between 18 ° C and 25 ° C.

It follows a rapid spread related to the frequency of these light rains and morning dew. Thus, it means that the germination and penetration of this fungus in tomato plants are mainly ensure by rain and dew. The spores of the fungus are left in the form of spots and birds and insects can carry these at sometimes. The transmission of the parasite can also be done through the seeds, when the seeds put in the ground come from a contaminated culture.

Agribusiness Series: Symptoms of early blight of tomato

When the early blight attacks the tomato, the leaves are covered with brown spots sometimes turning black, and they all have a yellow coloring. The stems very often have the same symptoms. The fruit tends to grow under the influence of these spots that eventually cause their decay. The hollows are positioned at the base of the calyx which is the point of connection of the fruit to the plant.

Agribusiness Series: The negative influences of early blight of tomato

Alternaria can reach a whole crop of tomato, which causes considerable economic losses. In addition, there is concern for the active leaf area of ​​cultivation. And which very often has a significant decrease as a result of this disease.

Agribusiness Series: Fight against alternaria of tomato

From the first observation of the attack of alternaria on tomato, it is necessary to suppress all the parts affected. And to pulverize it immediately a copper product in order to limit the propagation of the disease. But it is better to do some prevention and respect certain farming methods with regard to tomato production. For example, the use of certified healthy seeds is a good preventive step. Plants should also need well space.

They excessive nitrogen inputs should be avoided. Their foot-watering should be avoided without the foliage becoming wet. And crop residues should be destroyed after harvesting, and cropping should be preferred.


The Alternaria of Tomato

The Alternaria of Tomato


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