Agriculture technology: Make a tomato sauce

Agriculture technology: Make a tomato sauce

Agriculture technology. The tomato is very often eaten in sauce. In this form, she accompanies several types of meals (meat, fish …) which she notes the taste. There are two possibilities for producing tomato sauce. Indeed, it can be made 100% with tomatoes or associate this vegetable-fruit to various other ingredients. In any case, it is necessary to turn the tomato into puree before making the sauce that can be preserved without difficulty. All species of this Solanaceae can be used.

Agriculture technology: Preparation

The tomato sauce tastes good if the tomatoes chosen for its realization are of quality. We must therefore ensure that we do not see traces of decay. Tomatoes must not have cracks, let alone wrinkles. They must feel firm to the touch with their natural color prominently displayed. The preparation starts with a proper washing of the tomatoes. After, we divide them in two so that we can remove the seeds within them. It is recommended to top the tomatoes for this cooking, that is to say to remove their skin. The preparation ends with a slicing of the diced tomatoes

Agriculture technology: Pure tomato sauce

This is a 100% tomato sauce. The only element to add to the cooking is salt. For the practical phase, the vegetable pieces are put in a saucepan containing water and placed in a fire. Salt is added and boiling is expected to occur. The tomato pieces are removed from the water 10 minutes after the simmering. The following is relative to their puree reduction. It is necessary in this case to use a mixer. It is important to mix until you get a smooth and homogeneous puree, to forget the pieces of tomato that were at the beginning of cooking. The sauce can be put in several jars according to its quantity for integration into various future recipes

Agriculture technology: With other ingredients

For tomato sauce, you can add tomatoes to other ingredients of your choice. For example, you can use onion, garlic and some herbs. In this case, the onion is cut in half and is associated with the tomato pieces for boiling. When all the elements are cooked, they are put in the mixer, with garlic and aromatic herbs, for a mix. It is necessary to insist on the mixing until obtaining a smooth purée. The addition of these ingredients allows the taste of the sauce to be more tasty than that made 100% with tomato.


Make a tomato sauce

Make a tomato sauce


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