Agriculture Technology: Steaming The Tomato

Agriculture technology: Steaming the tomato

Agriculture technology. To be certain of cooking the tomato and losing nothing of its nutritional values, it is better to cook it with steam. According to specialists, there is no better way to subject this Solanaceae to cooking and preserve most of its nutrients. These also warn that it is necessary to respect a certain cooking time so that the final result is the expected one. The steamed tomato can then be incorporated into several recipes.

Coming from the family Solanaceae , tomato is a fruit consumed as a vegetable. It can be cooked in a variety of ways including cooking with water. Whether in a steamer or in a pot with lid, we get the same result at the end. However, in the second case, it must be done methodically and ensure that cooking is not done with water but with steam.

Agriculture technology : Preparation

It is important to pay attention to the quality of the tomato you want to steam. Its firmness and freshness are very important details that guarantee the success of the culinary operation. It must also be ensured that the tomato is not stained and that its color is not disunited.

For steaming, it is necessary to peel the vegetable (remove the skin) and cut it in two or more pieces, after washing it well. The seeds are then removed from the breast.

Agriculture technology: Cooking from the steamer

Steaming tomatoes is easy if you have a steamer. Water must be poured into the part provided for this purpose in the utensil. As for the pieces of tomato, they are arranged in the basket compartment arranged just above the water. It is then necessary to create a boil from which steam will escape and will allow to cook gently and deeply the vegetable. For cooking to work well, the steamer must be closed. After 10 minutes, the tomato pieces are well cooked. We realize this by relying on their appearance that has changed slightly. By touching the tomato pieces with a fork, they feel softer than at first.

Once cooked, the vegetable is removed from the steamer and put on a plate. Salt and pepper can be added before eating.

Agriculture technology: Using a cooking pot with lid

With a cooking pot with lid, it is possible to steam the tomato as if a steamer was used. The use of a metal strainer is essential for this operation because it is in this utensil that the pieces of tomato are available. You have to pour water into the pot and boil it. When the temperature of the water rises and we see the steam come off, we put the metal strainer on the pot and it closes well with the lid. The cooking starts and ends 10 minutes later. The tomato pieces are cooked when they become soft. They are removed from the colander before seasoning with salt and pepper.


Steaming the tomato

Steaming the tomato

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