Agriculture technology: Tomato grilled in a pan

Agriculture technology: Tomato grilled in a pan

Agriculture technology. The tomato can be grilled in a pan before eating, a method of cooking applicable to this vegetable in two ways. It is possible to grind the tomato into pieces or reduce it to pulp before putting it in the heated oil. In both cases, the process is simple to drive and the cooking time is short. For this operation, choose quality tomatoes (without wrinkles or cracks).

The tomato is native to Peru and is consumed all over the world. Even if it can be eaten raw, it is regularly subjected to cooking. The methods used in this case are numerous including grilling. In this regard, the tomato can be grilled without difficulty and there are mainly two ways to go about it.

Agriculture technology: Preparation for grilling tomato in slices

The tomato is washed in cold water. It is then cut in half and the seeds in it are removed using the tip of the knife. It is advisable to cut the halves of the tomato into several small pieces. One of the best options is to cut the tomato into thin slices before grilling. In this case, it is not necessary to cut it in half. The tomato is placed on a kitchen board, in the width direction. The top is first cut and then cut every half centimeter. To simplify the task, it is necessary that the tomato is firm. The seeds visible in each puck should be removed before proceeding to the next step.

Agriculture technology: Grilled tomato in slices

Tomato rings can be seasoned with salt and pepper before being toasted. A stove in which oil is poured must be placed in the fire. We wait until the oil is hot before putting the tomato. It is good to return every moment so that the different parts of the pucks cook. In about 10 minutes, the grilled tomatoes are ready and this is reflected by the appearance of the vegetable that changes. It is best to cook on a low heat to prevent the tomato from burning. When grilling tomatoes, species containing a lot of water should be avoided.

Agriculture technology: Grilling tomato paste

To grill the tomato paste, it is necessary beforehand to mash it. In this case, it is first cooked in water for 10 minutes before switching to the mixer. The cooking stage is however skipped in some culinary operations. In this case, the fresh tomato is put directly into the mixer.


Once the purée is obtained, put oil in a pan for frying. The tomato paste is then put in the heated oil. The addition of salt and pepper is possible for seasoning. You can also put some chilli powder if you want the taste of tomato is slightly spicy. After 10 minutes, the grilled tomato paste is ready. Cooking should be done over low heat. It is important to turn the dough regularly to avoid sticking to the pan.


Tomato grilled in a pan

Tomato grilled in a pan


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