Agriculture Technology: Cook the tomato with water

Agriculture technology : Cook the tomato with water

Agriculture technology. It is possible to cook the tomato with water in a few minutes. This approach is simple to implement for this fruit consumed as a vegetable because few operations are to be performed during preparation. Through cooking with water, the tomato does not lose any of its nutrients and keeps its original texture.

Although tomatoes can be eaten raw, cooking is common. The water technique is one of the best ways to put this fruit from the Solanaceae family to good health. Through this process, the main nutrients of the tomato are preserved, provided however to respect the cooking time it takes.

Agriculture technology: Preparation Cook the tomato with water

The tomato is washed with cold water and possibly rid of its skin. It should be noted that removing the skin from the vegetable for cooking with water is optional. Depending on the intended use, you can either peel the tomato or leave it as it is.

For cooking with water, the tomato can be cut in half and seeded. It is possible to go further and by cutting the two halves into several pieces.

However, you can do without cutting the tomato and take it all for cooking with water. In all cases, it is necessary to choose a firm tomato clearly showing its natural color. Specimens with wrinkles, spots and crevices should be avoided.

Agriculture technology : baking Cook the tomato with water

If you decide to cook the tomato without cutting it, you can put it directly in a saucepan containing water and then put the pan in the fire. It is expected that boiling will occur before stopping cooking 10 minutes later.

For the whole tomato, we can instead choose to first bring the water to a boil and then dive the vegetable, not to mention sting in some places with a knife to accelerate cooking.

If the tomato is cut into two or more pieces, it is best to put the pan with the water on fire, bring the water to a boil and immerse the pieces or halves of the vegetable when the simmering is observed. Ten minutes later, the cooking is also finished. A seasoning with salt can be done while the water boils.

Agriculture technology : use Cook the tomato with water

The whole tomato cooked in water is cut in half, cleared of the seeds in it and the cooking water before being integrated into a recipe of its choice. If it has been cut before cooking, the pieces are used directly for direct consumption or to make a recipe.

Most often when the whole tomato is cooked in the water, it is intended to reduce it to a paste in a vegetable mill or using a mixer. For this after cooking, it is expected that it cools and is pressed with the fingers to get the seeds and cooking water in it. The tomato is then placed in the vegetable mill or the blender for mashing.


Cook the tomato with water

Cook the tomato with water


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