How to fry celery raves

How to fry celery raves?

How to fry celery raves.  Celeriac is a root vegetable with brownish skin and whitish flesh. With a subtly pungent flavor, this vegetable that offers a multitude of culinary possibilities, can be eaten cooked.

Cooking with oil makes the celery crunchy. In addition, this culinary process raises the taste qualities of these vegetables . This frying, associated or not with ingredients, is preceded by a preparatory work in the kitchen.

How to fry celery raves: Preparation

First, firm, heavy, celeriac-shaped celeriacs with non-withered stems and roots are required. Then prepare the root vegetables by peeling them properly and removing the peel that surrounds them, using a thrifty knife. After removing the head and base of the celeriac, it is important to wash them thoroughly with cold water.

To avoid blackening, peeled celery raves can be dipped in water with lemon juice . To facilitate even cooking, celery roe must be cut into equal quarters.

How to fry celery raves: Simple frying of celery raves

Celeriacs are suitable for cooking with oil which consists in cooking these root vegetables in a quantity of fat, with more or less bright fire.

To do this, a stove containing a vegetable oil is put in the fire. Then, slices of celery raves are delicately slipped into this hot oil to make original fries.

These pieces of vegetables are cooked for ten or fifteen minutes, until they become tender. To ensure that all faces are golden brown, care should be taken to return them regularly. This cooking gives a beautiful color to these golden and crispy celery raves which are then removed from the pan and served hot.

How to fry celery raves: Cooking with oil, with ingredients

Celeriac can also cookwith vegetable oil and ingredients. For this, put a quantity of olive oil or an oil of choice in a flat pan with low edges or in a pan.

As soon as this fat is hot and covers the bottom of the kitchen utensil, it slips the pieces of celery raves well drained, to avoid any contact of the oil with water.

How to fry celery raves: Seasoning

Then, seasonings, including salt, pepper and garlic are inserted into this pan. Throughout the process of uncovered cooking, this content is constantly mixed by also returning the vegetables in order not to let them burn.

The intensity of the fire will also vary during the cooking time which can be estimated at 10 or 15 minutes. On very high heat at first, it is advisable to gradually lower this intensity to cook the celery over low heat in the middle and towards the end of cooking. Celery, for example, is cooked until it is tender and golden, before being removed from the pan and served. They can pleasantly accompany a mashed potatoes or a meat dish.

fry celery raves

fry celery raves


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