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How to bake asparagus?

How to bake asparagus?

How to bake asparagus? When consumed moderately, asparagus is of nutritional interest by providing the body with vitamins A, B, C, magnesium, calcium and dietary fiber. In addition to these beneficial substances, they reserve a lot of surprises gourmet taste buds when they point the nose in the plates. The exquisite taste that characterizes these root vegetables is further enhanced by baking. This fast and easy mode allows you to taste well-cooked asparagus keeping their nutritional values ​​intact.

How to bake asparagus:  How to choose asparagus

The fresh asparagus are the best, they are good for baking. This freshness is apparent from the first glance with an attractive appearance marked by a shiny stem, very straight and firm and a smooth and compact head. Free from reddish spots and rust , they also have a beautiful appearance with slightly wet heels and buds with tight scales. Softened stems or wilted heads and dry heels are not indicators of freshness.

For even cooking, it is important to choose asparagus with roughly the same size.

How to bake asparagus: How to prepare asparagus?

Before cooking, the asparagus should be cleaned and rinsed under water. They can be placed in a strainer to facilitate an abundant rinsing. It is also possible to gently rub the stems with your fingers when rinsing while working to remove dirt that can be inserted at the tip.

To make consumption pleasant, they must be peeled with great care with a vegetable peeler taking all the precautions so as not to break the extremely delicate stem. To do this, they must be peeled from the heel to the head while holding them in the palm. Then, the end of the stem should be cut to length, usually 2 to 3 cm from the heel, with a sharp knife.

How to bake asparagus: Cooking asparagus in the oven

After preheating the oven, the washed and drained asparagus is placed on a baking tray lined with aluminum foil. Depending on preference, to give more flavor to asparagus, they can be generously sprinkled with fleur de sel and pepper and drizzled lightly with a drizzle of olive oil. Everything is well mixed to coat the vegetable oils well. Then, the asparagus is well spread and aligned on a single layer.

During the next part of the cooking procedure, they are introduced into the preheated oven for 15 to 20 minutes at 180 ° C until they become soft, golden and crisp. During mid-cooking, the asparagus can be turned over.

This cooking time can also vary depending on the thickness of the asparagus or the taste of each. There are some who prefer them barely cooked, others have a taste for crisp asparagus. Thus, after cooking, asparagus may be melting or crisp, depending on taste.

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Methods for cooking asparagus

Methods for cooking asparagus

Methods for cooking asparagus. Whether white, green or violet, asparagus is a source of nutrients: it contains vitamins (C, E), mineral salts (potassium, calcium, magnesium), fiber. These nutritional assets are associated with undeniable taste qualities. This root vegetable can be cooked in various ways (water, steam, oven, …) to highlight the flavor that characterizes it.

Methods for cooking asparagus:  Bavarian asparagus in aspics

The season of asparagus is surely awaited impatiently by the amateurs of good gastronomy as the culinary possibilities that this vegetable offers are important. Whether white, purple or green varieties, the good flavor of asparagus remains authentic. Those who have not yet integrated this vegetable in their eating habits will not be able to do without it when they taste the Bavarian recipe of asparagus in aspics which has a very original touch.

Ingredients for 6 to 8 people:

2 green asparagus boots

3 sheets of gelatin

5 ½ liters of whipped cream: use 2 half liters to melt gelatin and 3 half liters for whipped cream

25 cl of jelly in sachets



Cayenne pepper

Methods for cooking asparagus: Preparation

Take the tails cooked and peeled well asparagus for the mousse. The too fibrous parts are to be removed, as well as the dark green cover. The peeling of the asparagus is done in a spindle and must not be too superficial not to have to take advantage only of the tip of the vegetable. It is necessary to think to keep the points which will be used eventually for the final decoration.

Pass the cooked tails in a fine grill if you have a classic chopper. Otherwise, we can use a cutter.

Slowly pass a strip of parchment paper or crusts of bread in order to recover the remaining materials in the screw. This step is optional because one can decide to be satisfied with the fallout of asparagus after the passage to the grid.

Make a mixture of the gelatin relaxed in cold water and pressed in the boiled cream.

Put the mashed asparagus tails.

Make a mixture, being careful not to anneal the whole. Place the container of the purée in a cold water bath in order to warm the preparation, without reaching the total catch. The water bath is always done with hot water.

Mix very quickly in the whipped cream to obtain the mousse. You can make your own whipped cream, or whipped cream, 10 minutes before the recipe by taking thick cream, milk, liquid vanilla and icing sugar.

Methods for cooking asparagus: Mold and place in the fridge.

Demould some time later by soaking the bottom of the molds in water whose temperature is between 45 and 50 ° C.

Take a brush and spend the jelly on the bavarois. It is good to keep the jelly semi liquid. You can eventually go warm in case of hardening too fast. Resume the operation and it’s over.

Methods for cooking asparagus: Preparation tips

Before preparing this recipe, focus on the choice of asparagus that is marketed most often in boots. For the sake of quality, they must be rigid or even brittle, and the green color they display must be very frank. When mixing the asparagus puree in the whipped cream, it must be done very quickly that the foam obtained is stable.

Methods for cooking asparagus: Presentation

This Bavarian Asparagus in Aspes attracts by its beauty. The recipe is fresh, light and ideal for an appetizer.


cooking asparagus

cooking asparagus


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